I heart Helsinki

Helsingissä 31. elokuuta

Dear K.

I decided that I'd dedicate today's letter to Helsinki. When I was little my mum and I used to drive to the city. It took an hour but was always worth it. We used to drive around in trams, eat Pappagallo ice cream at Stockmann and walk in Esplanadi park.

One time my foot slip through a chair in one of the parks cafes. I can't remember it but my mum told me the story some time ago. My foot got stuck and they needed to call some help. I have a feeling that the chair in my story was made of plastic but they've either changed them into these or I'm just simply wrong.

As you know trams don't look like this anymore. I don't actually know if they ever really did. But this is what I spotted a few days ago! They had some kind of a tour going on with this.

Oh and on my way to dinner I met some dog buddies near Wanha Kauppahalli. I liked them. They were really soft and didn't bark at all!

And last but not least I have some mix and match testing for you. I tried what my scanner can do if you put one negative on another. I think they are kinda cool! Sorry that I used the bird one too many times though. But it was the one that worked the best with others!

This is all I have this time. I'm done with black and white film for now. I liked this one a lot tho. The photos are a bit sepia colored. It is Ilford HP5 Plus if you want to try it. Now I bought some neutral color film instead of vivid color. Lets see what happens!

With Love, E.

P.S. I'm working on the tattoos. I've just had a little rough time finding any.


Ankkuri ja Kruunu. Timantti ja Tähti. You and I.

26.08.2006 Los Angeles

Dear Em!

I see what you mean about the color film. Diana does give good colors. I'm sure you have noticed that my film gives very blue toned pictures. But as said I loaded a B&W one and headed to the Hollywood Tattoo Convention to find the INK.  

By the way I hit the "unmentionable" on my way. The traffic. It lived up to it's reputation.

Afrikan tähti rinnalla.  You know that sound? I know you do. The buzzing of the needles in the ballroom, scratching the skin, sinking in the ink. Hundreds of them, making a mark for a lifetime. 

He is called The Lizard man. 

The lady lying on the table like a piece of meat, a hide.  
"My skin is my gift to my man" , she says. " I am his art" 
And she carries him on her skin, for everyone to see.  
Aurora, I assume. And her pubes, thank you very much. 

The camera is focused on the face of the man. Not the skin. 
Perhaps we all should. 
I never asked, but I wonder why is the time on the clock significant. 20 past nine. 
I ran out of film quickly. 12 photos, klick, klick klick, your time is out! 
So I ran.
 In the corner of the walk of fame there is shop that blessed us with 12 more stories.

Leg of a lady.
Face of a baby.

 So here we are. I saw a lot. Took pictures of many. Half of them did not come out good. I enjoyed your pictures last time. And I like salami. And I think your friend, Anne is an inspiring face to photograph.

I am looking forward to your next letter. 
With love, K.

Ps. I have  a very special guest for next time. I'll give you hint: 

" I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!"


Some salami...

Helsingissä 26. elokuuta 2009

Dear Kirsikka,

Black and white... I never thought I'd say this, but I like color better these days. At least with Diana. There is something cool about these photos but I'm not sure if  I've captured anything special. What do you think?

I'd like you to meet Anne Törnroos. She is a fabulous designer and has made me beautiful dresses. She's in many of my photos so I thought you should get to know her.

This is my younger niece having some salami. She loves it. She was sitting on my knee so I couldn't get further away. But I kinda like the photo tho it's a bit blurry. I'm gonna go for one more b&w film but then I'm going to switch back to color, maybe try neutral color instead of vivid color this time.

Ink! What a brilliant idea!
Especially with grey scale.

I loved your black and whites a lot! Maybe that's why I was a bit disappointed on mine. But maybe in time we'll learn as you said in your first letter. This film I had was super sensitive. Didn't really know how to work with it. And maybe everything I'm not used to seems so much better. Your pictures are so much more exciting to me than my own.

Now I'm off to that tapdance show I told you about. Not going to try and take photos of people on stage. Not gonna work. I tried it again when I saw Norwegian singer Ane Brun. The pictures were a mess. But I did love her.

--It´s the changing of the seasons. He says ”I need them”. I guess I’m too Scandinavian. The relief of spring. Intoxication of summer rain. The clearness of fall. How winter makes me reconsider it all.

Restlessness is me, you see.--

Till the next time.

With Love E.

P.S. I laughed when I remembered the time we were so super conscious about our noses. Can't see that now. Thank goodness I can't.



Greek: Rhinos, "Nose" + Plassein, "to shape".

23. 08. 2009 Los Angeles

Parahin ystävä!

I hope you are well. I went all black and white as you suggested. Last time we took B&W pictures together it was the year 2001 and in between developing the films in the dark room we would go to the mirrors in the toilets and consider wether we should get nose jobs or not.

This was parked on the beach. Looks rusty as hell to me but apparently it wasn't dead! There's a boy sitting inside. He was black and you can't see him in the photo. I hope that does not sound inappropriate. Why should it. He was. And you can't.

This is The United States Of America. They like to remind you by putting flags everywhere. THIS IS THE COUNTRY YOU ARE IN.
The tone of red used in the flag is officially Pantone 193C and the blue Pantone 281C.

Another dog buddy! He was HUGE. I once heard that a dog ate only chicken and the hormones they give the poultry to make them grow bigger, made the dog grow too. I think your dog would have to be smaller.

And they would watch the show about the two brothers looking for their dad and fighting things we are not sure exist. And the older brother drove an old impala.
This one I took for The Boy. He knows about the impala and the late nights with Sam and Dean.

The rest of the photos are near the water again. I took them on the day I met a Friend. I have a photo of her but she asked me not to post it here. She believes we are old souls, her and I. I said I mostly feel like I am 14.

There it is again. The flag. This is where you are.

And again. Klick on the photo and enlarge it so you can see better. The flag in the horizon.

So this is it for now. I want to see how you do with the black and white. I know you love your lights.

Next time lets shoot some ink! Show me what you guys, can find on the skin of Helsinki!

With a 'klick' and love,
Diana and I

Ps. how do you feel about the rhinoplasty nowadays?


Flow Part II

Helsingissä 20. elokuuta 2009

Dear Kirsikka,

Tiedätkö sen tuoksun? The scent of autumn coming. It's here.

--I've got my new shoes, they're yellow like the sun. I walk to my new school. Perhaps I'll make good friends in time. Blue winter jacket will make me look like them. I know I'll better be a part of the game. You know I'm new, but I'm not special. I wanna fit in cause that makes impression.--

So I guess Lily Allen was skinnier than I thought. You can only see a ghost of her.

The second pictures from Flow aren't really a success. Diana doesn't work very well against that bright and moving lights. I'll still show you few that were somewhat ok.

By the way. I love your double exposure photos! Take more please. I thought about your idea of having a theme to our photos. How about if we start with black and white photos first and then try and figure out some assignments for each other: best food in L.A./Helsinki, our friends, favorite street corners. Anything! How's that?

Oh and I'm glad you showed me your friend who tapdances. Actually I'm going to see a tapdance show next week. Should be exciting. Maybe my Diana will get one good photo of that?

But now I have to run. Sorry for such a short letter. I'll write more next time. With more successful photos I hope.

With Love, E.

P.S. Jenny Wilson had a really cool hat! The outfit was great too. It's a shame you can't see much of it.




Los Angeles 19.08
Hello you!

So we took a ride to L.A down town. They had a trade show. For shoes.
In Los Angeles I have learned one thing. EVERYONE is scared of it. They avoid talking about it before they go so IT won't hear you say it's name. Most people have seen IT. Personally I still have not.

It's not here.

Wasn't really here either. I wasn't sure if I event wanted to see the unmentionable.

So we didn't find it. The traffic. The infamous traffic jams of Los Angeles. Residents of Los Angeles County spend an estimated 4 days of each year stuck in traffic.

Dear Emmi, meet Katie Mae. I work with her. She dances. Tap dance. And Swing. And in the London tube she made a performance for everyone out of the blue. It was fantastic. She also collects vintage hats and loves food. I'm sure you guys would get along. And will once you come and visit!

I believe we should come up with a theme for our next photos. To make it interesting. What do you think?

With Love, K.


Cemetery for butterflies

Helsingissä 18. elokuuta 2009

Dear K.

--Marikki kohottaa rikkinäistä kaivon kantta, ja samassa hän saa aatteen. "Minä tiedän, mitä me teemme", hän sanoo. "Me voimme leikkiä Joosefia, joka on kaivossa." Liisa taputtaa käsiään. "Saanko minä olla Joosef?"
Marikki miettii. Oikeastaan hän olisi mieluummin itse Joosef, mutta hän käsittää, ettei Liisa millään kykenisi olemaan samalla kertaa orjakauppias ja Joosefin ilkeät veljet.--

When I was a little girl I just loved stories. I use to read them, write them, imagine them, live them. My mum used to read me a lot of books and I continued to do it myself when I learned how.

The most wonderful place for my fairytales was my grandparents' house. I have the most precious memories from there.

One summer I had seen a ventriloquist - vatsastapuhuja - on tv and I decided I should be able to do that as well. To test my talent I took my younger cousins to a field of flowers and told them it was a cemetery for butterflies. I sang a song (by practising ventriloquism of course) and convinced my cousins that the ghosts of the butterflies were singing. I think I was about nine or ten years old and I don't think they bought it. 

--"Ähä kutti, Joosef, ensimmäisen orjakauppiaan mukana sinä saat lähteä! Silloin me myymme sinut, ja se on sinulle aivan oikein." Liisa on täysin mukana leikissä. "Hahaa, silloin te saatte isältä selkäänne, kun tulette kotiin. "Älä usko", sanoo Marikki. "Me sanomme hänelle vain, että villipeto on syönyt sinut, ähä kutti!" Häntä värisyttää sanoessaan näin, mutta jos on olevinaan Joosefin ilkeät veljet, niin ei auta.--

I did all sorts of pranks to my cousins. Don't get me wrong I did and I still do love them. But it was all because of my love for stories. And I did all kinds of stupid stuff  just by myself as well. You can't fight it, it is a hell of a story to drive a toy tractor in a huge puddle of mud when your parents have guests. And then run to show them how muddy you got, of course.

--Marikki menee ruokakomeroon ja laittaa ensin yhden makkaravoileivän Liisalle ja sitten yhden itselleen. Sitten hän juoksee lastenhuoneeseen ja etsii kynän ja pahvinkappaleen. Pahviin hän tekstaa suurin kirjaimin: PINI KAUNIS ORJA MYTÄVÄNÄ.--

To honor the past and the memories, I wrote you clips from a book that was one of my favorite as a child. I'll also show you some of the best pictures of summer 09. Remember to dream big. The biggest dreams tend to make the best stories.

With Love, Emmi the ventriloquist

P.S. I was so inspired by your story of Limonade. Thank you for bringing back the memories. I've been a little sick so I don't have the strength to go and get the film with new Flow photos today. But I hope you enjoy these pictures as well. At least now you have something to wait for.


Fish don't need to drink.

17.08.2009 Los Angeles

Dear Em,

Fantastic photos! I have never been to the Flow festival, but almost everyone I know goes every year. I hope you have at least one photo of Lily and the to die-for jacket! 

I have found a place at the beach. I like being there. Close to the Ocean. Maybe since a billion years ago everywhere was under the water, now we all long to be close to it. Most of us anyway. You know, how you sometimes ask people what they would do if they won the lottery. Most say they'd buy a house by the sea. I would too. 

What about you?

I dare you to count the footprints on the sand. 

The bamboo board and sand on your feet.


They said they were kinda new to this and that they never got any fish. 
I had a fish when I was young. A black gold fish. In a round bowl. It was given to me on my birthday in a wine glass. Filled with water, not wine. I used to hug the bowl and talk to the fish. The fish was called Limu, (Limonade). That was because the water was always completely green from algae. 

If i ever have kids I hope they'll be even half as cute as these guys were. And brave. 
I could dream more then
I could believed more then
That the world could only get better

I could be free more then

I could pretend more then
That this life could only show me good times
Once when I was little

Not completely true. I pretty much still do. I hope you do too. 

With Love and sun rays, K. 

Ps. I've loaded the fisheye, in the honor  of the Limonade fish and will snap a  photo of the yellow car for us!