Ankkuri ja Kruunu. Timantti ja Tähti. You and I.

26.08.2006 Los Angeles

Dear Em!

I see what you mean about the color film. Diana does give good colors. I'm sure you have noticed that my film gives very blue toned pictures. But as said I loaded a B&W one and headed to the Hollywood Tattoo Convention to find the INK.  

By the way I hit the "unmentionable" on my way. The traffic. It lived up to it's reputation.

Afrikan tähti rinnalla.  You know that sound? I know you do. The buzzing of the needles in the ballroom, scratching the skin, sinking in the ink. Hundreds of them, making a mark for a lifetime. 

He is called The Lizard man. 

The lady lying on the table like a piece of meat, a hide.  
"My skin is my gift to my man" , she says. " I am his art" 
And she carries him on her skin, for everyone to see.  
Aurora, I assume. And her pubes, thank you very much. 

The camera is focused on the face of the man. Not the skin. 
Perhaps we all should. 
I never asked, but I wonder why is the time on the clock significant. 20 past nine. 
I ran out of film quickly. 12 photos, klick, klick klick, your time is out! 
So I ran.
 In the corner of the walk of fame there is shop that blessed us with 12 more stories.

Leg of a lady.
Face of a baby.

 So here we are. I saw a lot. Took pictures of many. Half of them did not come out good. I enjoyed your pictures last time. And I like salami. And I think your friend, Anne is an inspiring face to photograph.

I am looking forward to your next letter. 
With love, K.

Ps. I have  a very special guest for next time. I'll give you hint: 

" I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!"

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