Diana and I. First Time Around.

Los Angeles, 14.08.2009

Hello Friend!                                                          

First week behind. Diana and I are ecstatic.  She's a little shy and keeps only giving us pretty dark glimpses of stuff.  Maybe with time and practice we get brighter photos? 

Callas at the farmers market. 

Last things we shot in Helsinki:

We ate out on the patio and it started raining and at first no one cared but then eventually we had to rush inside to sit under the chandeliers.  

The Boy made sushi and it was the best thing I had ever had.  

Meet me here. At the corner. The trams often remind me of you. And the mornings before school in 2001. 

Bye now. I have seen the beach and the marina. I'll show you next time.

With love, K. 

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