Flow Part II

Helsingissä 20. elokuuta 2009

Dear Kirsikka,

Tiedätkö sen tuoksun? The scent of autumn coming. It's here.

--I've got my new shoes, they're yellow like the sun. I walk to my new school. Perhaps I'll make good friends in time. Blue winter jacket will make me look like them. I know I'll better be a part of the game. You know I'm new, but I'm not special. I wanna fit in cause that makes impression.--

So I guess Lily Allen was skinnier than I thought. You can only see a ghost of her.

The second pictures from Flow aren't really a success. Diana doesn't work very well against that bright and moving lights. I'll still show you few that were somewhat ok.

By the way. I love your double exposure photos! Take more please. I thought about your idea of having a theme to our photos. How about if we start with black and white photos first and then try and figure out some assignments for each other: best food in L.A./Helsinki, our friends, favorite street corners. Anything! How's that?

Oh and I'm glad you showed me your friend who tapdances. Actually I'm going to see a tapdance show next week. Should be exciting. Maybe my Diana will get one good photo of that?

But now I have to run. Sorry for such a short letter. I'll write more next time. With more successful photos I hope.

With Love, E.

P.S. Jenny Wilson had a really cool hat! The outfit was great too. It's a shame you can't see much of it.


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