Greek: Rhinos, "Nose" + Plassein, "to shape".

23. 08. 2009 Los Angeles

Parahin ystävä!

I hope you are well. I went all black and white as you suggested. Last time we took B&W pictures together it was the year 2001 and in between developing the films in the dark room we would go to the mirrors in the toilets and consider wether we should get nose jobs or not.

This was parked on the beach. Looks rusty as hell to me but apparently it wasn't dead! There's a boy sitting inside. He was black and you can't see him in the photo. I hope that does not sound inappropriate. Why should it. He was. And you can't.

This is The United States Of America. They like to remind you by putting flags everywhere. THIS IS THE COUNTRY YOU ARE IN.
The tone of red used in the flag is officially Pantone 193C and the blue Pantone 281C.

Another dog buddy! He was HUGE. I once heard that a dog ate only chicken and the hormones they give the poultry to make them grow bigger, made the dog grow too. I think your dog would have to be smaller.

And they would watch the show about the two brothers looking for their dad and fighting things we are not sure exist. And the older brother drove an old impala.
This one I took for The Boy. He knows about the impala and the late nights with Sam and Dean.

The rest of the photos are near the water again. I took them on the day I met a Friend. I have a photo of her but she asked me not to post it here. She believes we are old souls, her and I. I said I mostly feel like I am 14.

There it is again. The flag. This is where you are.

And again. Klick on the photo and enlarge it so you can see better. The flag in the horizon.

So this is it for now. I want to see how you do with the black and white. I know you love your lights.

Next time lets shoot some ink! Show me what you guys, can find on the skin of Helsinki!

With a 'klick' and love,
Diana and I

Ps. how do you feel about the rhinoplasty nowadays?


  1. Ihania kuvia, molemmilla! Tyhjät kadut ja aavat meret on ihania.

    Lisäks haluan ton hauvan.