Parisian Girl

Helsingissä 15. elokuuta 2009

Dear K.

Flow festival's first night was beautiful. All the pink, green and blue lights, all the details, all the weird looking buildings waiting to be captured. I hope my Diana did a good job. I used the 16 pic frame for the the first time. The film ripped a little bit but I think I saved most of it. First few shots can be over exposed tho. Let's hope for the best.

I ran to the film store first thing in the morning. "Emme kehitä filmejä lauantaisin", the clerk said. I was really bummed. You and I both have to wait till Monday to see what Diana shot this time.

In the mean while I will send you some pics I took a few weeks ago at Anti Sweden party. I just love how the Parisian girl with red lips looks. She reminds me a bit of Mia in Californication. In a good way tho. I honestly think, she's the villain of the year. Mia, ei tämä tyttö.

Have you ever watched Californication? For some reason I like this quote from Mia's short story. Children cover your eyes.

--Rome is burning", he said as he poured himself another drink."Yet here I am knee deep in a river of pussy."
"Here it comes", she thought, "another self-indulgent whiskey soaked diatribe about how fucking great everything was in the past, and how all us poor souls born too late to see The Stones at wherever or snort the good coke at studio 54, well we'd all just missed out on practically everything worth living for." And the worst part was, she agreed with him.
"Here we are", she thought, "at the edge of the world; the very edge of western civilization and all of us are so desperate to feel something, anything that we keep falling into each other and fucking our way towards the end of days.--

Till the next time.

With Love, E.

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