Flow Part I

Helsingissä 17. elokuuta 2009

Dear K.

--Helsinki tuoksui paahtoleivältä ja mereltä. Nimitti toiveikkaasti katujaan bulevardeiksi ja hukuttautui pikkukaupungin tärkeyteen. "Typerä paikka", Max sanoi. "Pariisissa tanssisivat mustat tytöt strutsinsulissa, mutta meidän pitää homehtua täällä."--

Someone might say that of course this happened in Helsinki, Finland. That someone might even be me. I have to tell you, I'm a bit disappointed. Or at least a little baffled. I'm not saying she wasn't any good. I honestly just don't know what to think.

So she bursts into tears. Totally acceptable. She looks like she's gonna vomit. Strange but somewhat expected at least if you believe any of those rotten British tabloids. She's ultra chic with her one-piece made of lace and is almost anonymous with super skinny figure that the outfit requires. The make up is masky and her jacket is to die for.

She has been Lily Allen. She had broken her back. And the show is over.

I'm not sure what my photos of her are gonna be like. Ne voivat olla täysin pilalla. Ruined. Disastrous. Off. We will see tomorrow.

But now to the fun part. Photos! From the first night at Flow.

So, 16 pic frame has its pros and cons. You get more photos for the same price. You lose the dark corners.

This structure reminds almost everyone of rollercoaster. I love it.

It looks gorgeous day or night.

Once again the lights were amazing. 

I really loved your photos in your last letter. I'm looking forward to see more, especially those damn cute dogs. I'd also like to see a photo of your yellow car! Sounds so L.A.!

Write me back soon.

With Love, E.

P.S. These letters make me real happy. I can see you smile, waiting for those sailing boats to fall over.


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