I heart Helsinki

Helsingissä 31. elokuuta

Dear K.

I decided that I'd dedicate today's letter to Helsinki. When I was little my mum and I used to drive to the city. It took an hour but was always worth it. We used to drive around in trams, eat Pappagallo ice cream at Stockmann and walk in Esplanadi park.

One time my foot slip through a chair in one of the parks cafes. I can't remember it but my mum told me the story some time ago. My foot got stuck and they needed to call some help. I have a feeling that the chair in my story was made of plastic but they've either changed them into these or I'm just simply wrong.

As you know trams don't look like this anymore. I don't actually know if they ever really did. But this is what I spotted a few days ago! They had some kind of a tour going on with this.

Oh and on my way to dinner I met some dog buddies near Wanha Kauppahalli. I liked them. They were really soft and didn't bark at all!

And last but not least I have some mix and match testing for you. I tried what my scanner can do if you put one negative on another. I think they are kinda cool! Sorry that I used the bird one too many times though. But it was the one that worked the best with others!

This is all I have this time. I'm done with black and white film for now. I liked this one a lot tho. The photos are a bit sepia colored. It is Ilford HP5 Plus if you want to try it. Now I bought some neutral color film instead of vivid color. Lets see what happens!

With Love, E.

P.S. I'm working on the tattoos. I've just had a little rough time finding any.

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