Los Angeles 19.08
Hello you!

So we took a ride to L.A down town. They had a trade show. For shoes.
In Los Angeles I have learned one thing. EVERYONE is scared of it. They avoid talking about it before they go so IT won't hear you say it's name. Most people have seen IT. Personally I still have not.

It's not here.

Wasn't really here either. I wasn't sure if I event wanted to see the unmentionable.

So we didn't find it. The traffic. The infamous traffic jams of Los Angeles. Residents of Los Angeles County spend an estimated 4 days of each year stuck in traffic.

Dear Emmi, meet Katie Mae. I work with her. She dances. Tap dance. And Swing. And in the London tube she made a performance for everyone out of the blue. It was fantastic. She also collects vintage hats and loves food. I'm sure you guys would get along. And will once you come and visit!

I believe we should come up with a theme for our next photos. To make it interesting. What do you think?

With Love, K.

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