Los Angeles 16.08.09
Sunday morning, too early.

Dear Emmi,

It's one of those Sunday mornings when I wake up too early and can't get
back to sleep.
So I thought I would show you around a little. These are around the corner from where I live.
I have been watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds etc. since I am
just a little worried
that someone will see these photos, find out where I live and start stalking me.

Fat chance especially when you look at the list of followers we have. Haha!

Maybe I would befriend the stalker. I could kinda use an extra person to
show me around?

Double exposure! Two photos for the price of one! Someone once
told me that the Palm tree is actually a very
expensive and valuable tree. In several cultures and religions the
Palm tree symbolizes victory and peace.
It is mentioned over 30 times in the Bible and is believed to be
the tree of life in Kabbalah.

Once in a while when the wind really builds up some of the sailing boats
dip into the water and it looks like
it will fall over. Every time I hope one would. None have so far.

Oh and heres a dog buddy I met. He looked like he surfs. I believe he is too
shaggy to be your dog but
wanted to introduce you guys anyway.

Hope to hear from you soon,
With Love; Diana ja minä.

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