Don't stack your daydreams.

22.09.09 Los Angeles

Dear Em!

Work. They say you shouldn't do things for just money. I think you must do something you have a passion for. I'm passionate about fashion. Among other things. I also believe life should be about more than just work. After all it is called "making a living". Really everyone should MAKE it too. Not just take it as it comes. Really make it. Take your hands off your pockets and reach for the sky.

I love my work. Army of boots. We hand checked each one to make sure they are up to standard. Then we looked at fashion magazines. What's there not to like, right?

After the days work, sneak out to the dark. And it was really dark.

These are police men. When I lived in London I lived with a cop. There they don't carry guns. In here I'm pretty sure my neighbor has a machine gun in he's apartment. Seriously.
Why so serious? The walk of fame. Take a photo and they chase you down for money. Wankers.
For Bella. Marilyn got old and had a hot dog.

This is it for today. I need color. But I still have some black and white left.

Next time I have a serious thing to talk about. The war. I went to a memorial. And on the Santa Monica Beach I cried for people I have never met.

With Love, Kisu


Once upon a time...in fish occupied Helsinki

Helsingissä 14. syyskuuta 2009

Dear Kirsikka,

Once upon a time in Helsinki the world started to look rather fishy. The cemetery, the cathedral, the sunflowers and of course Anne T. Curved and crazy.

As soon as I saw your last photos I knew I had to get my own fisheye lens. I bought one (that same day) for my Diana F+ since the price was very reasonable, 35€.

These next two are from Hietaniemi's Orthodox cemetery.

On the seventh day she didn't rest. Instead she took a walk and worked like crazy afterwards.

On the eighth day she just kept on going.

(But she did manage to have a beer with Anne on the sixth.)

I was laughing my ass off when I read your last letter. I can't believe they were made of wax! I appreciate the honesty. You're right, nobody likes a liar. In this case I could have taken it tho. IT IS FUNNY!

I'm off to new adventures with my fisheye.

Enjoy the sun. I know I will as long as it lasts.

With Love, E.


Looking thru the fisheye.

Los Angeles 090909 ;)

Rakas Emmi!

How are you? Thank you for your letter(klassiset kirjeen avaus lauseet). I actually really liked your film! I think it would be even better with the dark edges you get with 12 photos? To give them a bit of an edge? But I think the colors suited a mellow day in central Helsinki, when the sun is about to say "toodles" and have a long holiday leaving our little country to freeze it's ass off. Hitunen väriä, hitunen lämpöä. 

Diana is having a small brake and we are introducing a new friend, the FISHEYE. Like I promised before. 

This is a music video shoot. We saw it on our way to a vintage shop. A band called Train. Remember? One of the one hit wonders:

"Tell me did the wind sweep you off your feet Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day And head back to the milky way And tell me, did venus blow your mind Was it everything you wanted to find And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there..."

And just for what it's worth. Yes. To all of the above. 
Thats miranda. I work with her. She uses the word AMAZING more than anyone on this planet. 
This is Miranda again, and Gabe, my boss. Every time we go to a chinese restaurant (for lunch, while shopping/researching. yes! its part of our ACTUAL job. to shop)he tries to order a cheese burger. As a joke. Every time. 
Go really really close. Take a good hard look at the tree with your face almost touching it.

 I guarantee, everyone watching will think you're a moron.  
Repeat the above with a rosebush. 

Now they feel sorry for you.

I was going to have a theme. Since the car is yellow, the little beetle, I thought I'd photograph yellow things. Especially effective when shooting with a B&W film.  
Here it is! 
We went to a car wash the other day. I was listening to "Why do fools fall in love" loud in the car. I decided two things. If I'll ever get married that song will be the first dance song. Instead of a long, boring, awkward  waltz. Second, I need to spend more time in car washes.   

With love, K

Ps.  I hope we will. Talk about YSL when we're old I mean. And have walks together. Did you ever think that every year you get older, it means you have travelled around the sun again.

Pps. No. He's not. Hes made of wax. Funny tho, right? I have another one! Look. 

The Boy told me not to tell anyone. But nobody likes a liar. 


No they didn't!!!

Helsingissä 5. syyskuuta 2009

Dear K.

Look what I saw the other day! COPYCAT! Haha! I'm sure this clothing store had heard of us and stole our idea!

So I'm not sure how I feel about this film. Neutral color. What do you think? I have a feeling it's a bit too boring. But then again, all in all, these pics are bit boring. They actually were for my school project. We were supposed to stay in one place for 30 minutes and shoot. This is what I got. I like the swing.

The street had also a nice variety of "pretty and ugly".

And this lady was so cute sunbathing in a tiny park!

These are the last days of summery Helsinki. One should enjoy it. Soon it's going to be DARK.

--And I’ve heard of pious men and I’ve heard of dirty fiends. But you don’t often hear of us ones in between. And I’ve heard of creatures who eat their babies. And I wonder if they stop to think about the taste.

I saw the sun go down outside of Arkansas. And I saw the sun come up somewhere in Illinois. And in the darkness I taught myself to hate. But where were you, oh where were you? And where the fuck did the sun go?

And you should always pass when you get the inside lane. Don’t pull your hair out, I won’t pull my hair out. For I have never seen the sun. That did not bury his fears in the side of the world. And the day is done.--

Oh and I have to ask. Was the guest star in your last letter really HIM?

With Love, E.

P.S. Do you think we will look like this when we grow really old, still chitchatting about different shades of YSL lipsticks.



Hyvistä häviäjistä, ei koskaan tule voittajia?

Los Angeles 1.09.2009

Hello you!

I loved your pictures! The film is really different to mine and like you said looks kinda sepia colored. I'd check what my film was but its dark. I am about to go to bed but wanted to quickly write to you.

Helsinki is wonderful. You can walk everywhere. It's nice. Here no one walks. Or smokes. (dirty European habit)

I also liked your idea of double scanning! Cheating. But fun. Someone I know always says: If you don't cheat, you don't wannna win hard enough.

Also I see you saw Julia Lundsten heels somewhere. She is very talented. I worked for her once. Work experience they call it. I experienced that sometimes a shoe designer is too busy to thank afterwards...

Anyway here is the motherfucking guest star!

From Diana, with love.