Don't stack your daydreams.

22.09.09 Los Angeles

Dear Em!

Work. They say you shouldn't do things for just money. I think you must do something you have a passion for. I'm passionate about fashion. Among other things. I also believe life should be about more than just work. After all it is called "making a living". Really everyone should MAKE it too. Not just take it as it comes. Really make it. Take your hands off your pockets and reach for the sky.

I love my work. Army of boots. We hand checked each one to make sure they are up to standard. Then we looked at fashion magazines. What's there not to like, right?

After the days work, sneak out to the dark. And it was really dark.

These are police men. When I lived in London I lived with a cop. There they don't carry guns. In here I'm pretty sure my neighbor has a machine gun in he's apartment. Seriously.
Why so serious? The walk of fame. Take a photo and they chase you down for money. Wankers.
For Bella. Marilyn got old and had a hot dog.

This is it for today. I need color. But I still have some black and white left.

Next time I have a serious thing to talk about. The war. I went to a memorial. And on the Santa Monica Beach I cried for people I have never met.

With Love, Kisu

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