Hyvistä häviäjistä, ei koskaan tule voittajia?

Los Angeles 1.09.2009

Hello you!

I loved your pictures! The film is really different to mine and like you said looks kinda sepia colored. I'd check what my film was but its dark. I am about to go to bed but wanted to quickly write to you.

Helsinki is wonderful. You can walk everywhere. It's nice. Here no one walks. Or smokes. (dirty European habit)

I also liked your idea of double scanning! Cheating. But fun. Someone I know always says: If you don't cheat, you don't wannna win hard enough.

Also I see you saw Julia Lundsten heels somewhere. She is very talented. I worked for her once. Work experience they call it. I experienced that sometimes a shoe designer is too busy to thank afterwards...

Anyway here is the motherfucking guest star!

From Diana, with love.

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