4000 magazines equals 4000 new readers?

Helsingissä 28.10.2009

Dear Kirsikka,

In your last letter you were wondering if we had any readers. No photos this time but something very different. It is a rare occasion that allows this to happen. From now on let's stick to our photos.

But now! I'd just like to show you what I've been doing for the last couple of months.

And most importantly what people can read from this magazine. Don't these pictures look familiar?

I hope we get new readers so you can still go on and on about the chickens. And don't you worry. I'll still read your letters when nobody else does.

--Nyt minulla on vanha sininen laukkusi ja kaakelipöytäsi, jolle asettelit enkelisi. Juon aamuisin mehua sinun laseistasi. Ja vaikka minulla ei olisi niitäkään, älä huoli. Muistan sinut sittenkin, kun itse en enää maailmasta mitään ymmärrä.--

With Love, Em

quote: Heidi Kähkönen, Muistin kai kertoa?


Pig, rooster, mouse, moose, suspenders, whiskers = story of Tallinn

Helsingissä 24.10. 2009

Dear K,

I love the chickens! Kot-kot-kot. I love the tone of your pictures too. I once heard of a foot tattoo taken by sailors. It actually consists of two tattoos, one in each foot. One of a pig, one of a ROOSTER. The beauty of the tattoo is that if the sailor's ship sinks he OR SHE (!) would have to save the animals and swim to the shore. Pigs and roosters can't swim you know.

That reminds me of something! The ink! I never got back to you with my tattoo pictures. I need to try and find some for you.

So like I told you I went to Tallinn. The first time I was there my mom bought me a mouse. Not a real one but this toy mouse which had red pants with red suspenders. I loved it. It even had whiskers. I think there was nothing to buy at that time and my mom wanted to support them somehow. I've heard similar stories from my friends. Can't remember who told me that her mom bought tons of garlic from the market just to buy something.

I didn't like the ship back then and I didn't like it now. But the city was worth it. I didn't buy anything but ate such good food.

--A destination known
Only by the one
Whose fate is overgrown --

--A map is more unreal
Than where you've been
Or how you feel --

This is moose soup! In an Indian restaurant!! It was hot and gooooood.

This is from the restaurant too. It was called Restaurant Elevant like elephant!

Not sure why I photographed this. It's yoghurt sauce raita. It came with one of those really sweet cherries people put in deserts. They put those in mango lassi as well. I used to hate them when I was a little girl but I 've grown to love them. Didn't eat the last one tho since I was so full. The food was amazing.

They had this great vantage point where you could see the great view of old town.

Look someone got married and rented a kick ass car! Seriously, it was a fun sight.

Are you gonna dress up on Halloween? We usually don't in Finland but I'm having a Halloween party for a small group of friends. So I will send you some horror pictures the next time. Or maybe I'll shoot something even before that. And this time! I really need some color film!

Till the next time. With Love, E.

quote: Feist, Intuition


Why did the chicken cross the road?

Los Angeles 21.10.2009

To get to the other side! (haaa-haa-haa)

Dear Emmi,

Enough with the dying! I love laughing. I love funny people. I always fell for the boys who would make me laugh. Mostly my sense of humor is dark and inappropriate but today the topic is chickens!
I was in Orange County visiting a friend and they have chickens as pets. First there were 4, but a raccoon slaughtered two. (R.I.P Jelly and Sandwich).

The "why did the chicken cross the road" jokes are one of the oldest jokes still in use in the english language. The origin is a little vague but it was firs seen in print in the 1847 in a New York monthly magazine.

I red about a chicken that lived for 18 moths decapitated. Without a head. He was called The Miracle Mike.
I held one of them. Peanutbutter. She was friendly.
I thought about the chickens in the chicken cages and the "no cage" chicken that have no room to roam. In stress they often start pecking each other. In the industry they apparently call it cannibalism. America is worse than EU for this.
The ones we eat have been made to grow so quickly with hormones, that the organs and lungs can not keep up. The chicken are too weak to walk. And they never in their lives see sunlight. Then we eat them. At chinese restaurants I always have Chicken with cashews.

Why did the Rooster cross the road?
- To proof he's no chicken.

Why did chewing gum cross the road?
- It was stuck to the roosters foot.

Halloween is coming. It is huge here. There is a shop around the corner open 24h only selling Halloween costumes. This is my friends son wearing his. The daughter is going as a chicken. (Seriously. She's wearing a huge chicken head- it's the freakiest thing I've ever seen)
I hope to show you some Halloween shots next time!

With Love: Kirsikka

PS. I have started to wish that the people reading our letters would tell us what they think. About chickens, jokes.. us, the pictures.


Dead, more dead, most dead

Helsingissä 19.10.2009

Dear K,

--I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you

that I almost believe that they're real

I've been living so long with my pictures of you

that I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel--

What is the difference between being dead and not being seen by someone for several years?

My friend died when I was in high school. I have never seen him again. But I knew people way before that who I last saw 13 years ago. They’re not dead but my memories of the boy are more real than my memories of them.

Where is the logic when someone dies? Can people be dead, more dead or most dead? Or can they even be not dead to someone? Is there a person who no one cares about or a person who can’t believe someone died?

Why do you care more about the people you know than the ones you don’t recognize?

Why does a character of a television series become more important to you than someone in your class?

Why do you care more if George dies than if John Doe dies? Why do you cry more when you find out he could have died anonymous? You know what I am talking about.

How can you cry the death of a person you don’t even know? Like you did on Santa Monica beach. But then again how can some people not cry the death of the most important person in their lives?

Can you feel people around you if the people have already died? If I lose my lipstick and then find it in front of me did a ghost see me looking for it and move it so I can see it?

I desperately wanted to see people after weeks of work so I went to Kasino A4’s party last Friday. I photographed people I recognized. People who are very much alive. I know nothing about the rest.

With Love, E.

quote: The Cure, Pictures of You


We are Gods hands.

15.10.2009 Los Angeles

Dear Emmi,

Your pictures were lovely! I like the one that I think is a view from your home window. The rainy weather is not something I miss, but it surely looks beautiful on pictures.

Like I said I wanted to share some pictures from the beach by Santa Monica Pier. Please click on the picture below to read the text.

190 miles. Step for each life lost.

They had lists of the American soldiers killed. Names, dates and the cause of deaths. I looked up my birthday.
5th of November. Last year I had a party at Hoxton Square, London at Blu Bar. Everyone came. I wore the highest purple shoes. Stayed up until 9am drinking whiskey.
Sergeant Carlos M Camacho-Rivera. 5th of November in 2004 was he's last day. He was 24. 11th transport battalion. Hostile fire, rocket attack.
I looked at he's name on the paper among hundreds of other names and cried. He had a son I found out after googling his name. People were writing to him:

"CAMACHO, WOW i cant believe its been two years on the 5th of Nov on that day it all happened. I know you were my angel that day, and i know your in heaven waching over me. I WILL NEVER FORGET. May God Bless You, You were truely my angel on that day..."

Made me think what he did. Did he save this man?

They had a book where people wrote little messages. Prayers for loved ones, pleading for peace, thanking the soldiers.

" We are God's hands", I wrote.

Everyday 18 U.S veterans commit suicide.

1 in every 3 women in the U.S military is sexually assaulted.

1 in every 4 homeless people in America is a U.S veteran.

It is heavy and hard. And the soldiers say: "We want to go. This is an honor."
And I was thinking: if they KNEW what was going to happen. If Carlos Camacho-Rivera would have known he was going to die, would he have wanted to go anyway?

With Love,


Dark, dark Helsinki

Helsingissä 14.10.2009

Dear Kirsikka,

I am so so sorry. I've been super busy and haven't written you a letter in ages! I've been doing a magazine called H2. It's exciting yet exhausting.

How are you? Is L.A. as fabulous as always? Is it still warm? It is FREEZING here, I have to find my winter coat for tomorrow. I hate it but what can you do.

I thought that my pics would be horrible since it was raining when I shot them. I even planned that this letter would be called "Today's theme: ugliness". But it turns out that they look just a bit dark and mysterious. Or what do you think?


Onko 4 kaikille 4?
Ovatko kaikki seitsemät samanlaisia?

Kun vanki ajattelee valoa
onko se samaa joka valaisee sinua?

Oletko miettinyt minkä värinen
on sairaiden huhtikuu?

Mikä länsimainen kuningaskunta
koristautuu unikkolipuin?

The last one is my favorite. What's yours?

I really need to get some sleep now. But I promise to take more photos soon. I'll go to Tallinn, Estonia next week. Maybe Diana will find something cool to shoot.

With Love, E.

quote: Pablo Neruda, Kysymysten kirja