4000 magazines equals 4000 new readers?

Helsingissä 28.10.2009

Dear Kirsikka,

In your last letter you were wondering if we had any readers. No photos this time but something very different. It is a rare occasion that allows this to happen. From now on let's stick to our photos.

But now! I'd just like to show you what I've been doing for the last couple of months.

And most importantly what people can read from this magazine. Don't these pictures look familiar?

I hope we get new readers so you can still go on and on about the chickens. And don't you worry. I'll still read your letters when nobody else does.

--Nyt minulla on vanha sininen laukkusi ja kaakelipöytäsi, jolle asettelit enkelisi. Juon aamuisin mehua sinun laseistasi. Ja vaikka minulla ei olisi niitäkään, älä huoli. Muistan sinut sittenkin, kun itse en enää maailmasta mitään ymmärrä.--

With Love, Em

quote: Heidi Kähkönen, Muistin kai kertoa?

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  1. This is way too cute to be true! I'm almost crying here.. Now I'm crying, such a touching story. Not forgetting the pics! Only one more word: brilliant!