Dark, dark Helsinki

Helsingissä 14.10.2009

Dear Kirsikka,

I am so so sorry. I've been super busy and haven't written you a letter in ages! I've been doing a magazine called H2. It's exciting yet exhausting.

How are you? Is L.A. as fabulous as always? Is it still warm? It is FREEZING here, I have to find my winter coat for tomorrow. I hate it but what can you do.

I thought that my pics would be horrible since it was raining when I shot them. I even planned that this letter would be called "Today's theme: ugliness". But it turns out that they look just a bit dark and mysterious. Or what do you think?


Onko 4 kaikille 4?
Ovatko kaikki seitsemät samanlaisia?

Kun vanki ajattelee valoa
onko se samaa joka valaisee sinua?

Oletko miettinyt minkä värinen
on sairaiden huhtikuu?

Mikä länsimainen kuningaskunta
koristautuu unikkolipuin?

The last one is my favorite. What's yours?

I really need to get some sleep now. But I promise to take more photos soon. I'll go to Tallinn, Estonia next week. Maybe Diana will find something cool to shoot.

With Love, E.

quote: Pablo Neruda, Kysymysten kirja


  1. Superhienoja nää!

    Katoin eka, että vikassa on kuu. Isommaksi klikattua paljastuikin vesipisaroiksi linssissä (?). :)

    t. M

  2. Tackar. Itseasiassa ovat vesipisaroita ikkunassa.