Pig, rooster, mouse, moose, suspenders, whiskers = story of Tallinn

Helsingissä 24.10. 2009

Dear K,

I love the chickens! Kot-kot-kot. I love the tone of your pictures too. I once heard of a foot tattoo taken by sailors. It actually consists of two tattoos, one in each foot. One of a pig, one of a ROOSTER. The beauty of the tattoo is that if the sailor's ship sinks he OR SHE (!) would have to save the animals and swim to the shore. Pigs and roosters can't swim you know.

That reminds me of something! The ink! I never got back to you with my tattoo pictures. I need to try and find some for you.

So like I told you I went to Tallinn. The first time I was there my mom bought me a mouse. Not a real one but this toy mouse which had red pants with red suspenders. I loved it. It even had whiskers. I think there was nothing to buy at that time and my mom wanted to support them somehow. I've heard similar stories from my friends. Can't remember who told me that her mom bought tons of garlic from the market just to buy something.

I didn't like the ship back then and I didn't like it now. But the city was worth it. I didn't buy anything but ate such good food.

--A destination known
Only by the one
Whose fate is overgrown --

--A map is more unreal
Than where you've been
Or how you feel --

This is moose soup! In an Indian restaurant!! It was hot and gooooood.

This is from the restaurant too. It was called Restaurant Elevant like elephant!

Not sure why I photographed this. It's yoghurt sauce raita. It came with one of those really sweet cherries people put in deserts. They put those in mango lassi as well. I used to hate them when I was a little girl but I 've grown to love them. Didn't eat the last one tho since I was so full. The food was amazing.

They had this great vantage point where you could see the great view of old town.

Look someone got married and rented a kick ass car! Seriously, it was a fun sight.

Are you gonna dress up on Halloween? We usually don't in Finland but I'm having a Halloween party for a small group of friends. So I will send you some horror pictures the next time. Or maybe I'll shoot something even before that. And this time! I really need some color film!

Till the next time. With Love, E.

quote: Feist, Intuition


  1. When comes a story of the best milkshake in the world? Asks auntie S.

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