Why did the chicken cross the road?

Los Angeles 21.10.2009

To get to the other side! (haaa-haa-haa)

Dear Emmi,

Enough with the dying! I love laughing. I love funny people. I always fell for the boys who would make me laugh. Mostly my sense of humor is dark and inappropriate but today the topic is chickens!
I was in Orange County visiting a friend and they have chickens as pets. First there were 4, but a raccoon slaughtered two. (R.I.P Jelly and Sandwich).

The "why did the chicken cross the road" jokes are one of the oldest jokes still in use in the english language. The origin is a little vague but it was firs seen in print in the 1847 in a New York monthly magazine.

I red about a chicken that lived for 18 moths decapitated. Without a head. He was called The Miracle Mike.
I held one of them. Peanutbutter. She was friendly.
I thought about the chickens in the chicken cages and the "no cage" chicken that have no room to roam. In stress they often start pecking each other. In the industry they apparently call it cannibalism. America is worse than EU for this.
The ones we eat have been made to grow so quickly with hormones, that the organs and lungs can not keep up. The chicken are too weak to walk. And they never in their lives see sunlight. Then we eat them. At chinese restaurants I always have Chicken with cashews.

Why did the Rooster cross the road?
- To proof he's no chicken.

Why did chewing gum cross the road?
- It was stuck to the roosters foot.

Halloween is coming. It is huge here. There is a shop around the corner open 24h only selling Halloween costumes. This is my friends son wearing his. The daughter is going as a chicken. (Seriously. She's wearing a huge chicken head- it's the freakiest thing I've ever seen)
I hope to show you some Halloween shots next time!

With Love: Kirsikka

PS. I have started to wish that the people reading our letters would tell us what they think. About chickens, jokes.. us, the pictures.

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