Goodbye Halloween.

29.11.2009 Los Angeles

Dear Emmi!

Halloween! It was great. I bought 5 rolls of color film. Vivid colors and neutrals. I was stoked. Until I was about to pull on my boots and leave and saw that the lady at the shop sold me 35mm.
So I had one shot.

This is it. Venice beach, neon lights and a head. The night was fun. Open houses. You walked in, the drinks were free, no furniture to be destroyed, music. The red plastic cups you see in films.

Everyone wore a costume.

We drove our bikes in a group, from party to party. I had beer in my bag. I had long conversations. About leg warmers, musical day dreams where you sometimes hope everyone would just suddenly start singing the same song and dancing, what animal would we want to be. I have musical daydreams all the time. And I would want to be an otter. They look like they have a good time. And I like the whiskers.

This is brunch at the French Market some other morning. Its a great place. people there are really French. And have just the appropriate amount of arrogance. The food is wonderful.

She is Lissa. She is from South Africa, she does belly dancing and draping. We are going to take swing dancing lessons together.

This is Chad. He designs bikes. I have one. Linus Bike. They are beautiful.
I have black tea in the morning. Otherwise I love green tea or Red Chai. I hope your Halloween was as good as mine. I hope to hear from you soon.

With love, Kirsikka

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