Once upon a Time ten years ago and Now.

Los Angeles 26.01.2010
Dear Em!

First of all happy new year! 2010. Ten years ago I was fourteen.. big year that one. My best friends were a girl and two dogs. I spent my days in a forest, I came home with a hickey on my cheek, I was with a boy, I drank 3 beers in the middle of the day and got drunk for the first time, I learned to build a water bong and smoked cigarets with the girl scouts.

Ten years later the dogs are both dead, the girl lives with a boy in another country, I still visit the forest but my soul is by the sea, I have not had a hickey on my cheek since, the boy went crazy when we broke up and I saved all the love letters, I still drink, whiskey mostly, I live on Venice beach where smoking pot is legal and have just met a group of guys who will take me camping.

A mutual friend came to visit. He has a Holga, a big and colorful one that makes Diana look older and shy. If you see him send my regards. He writes a blog, have a look at the pictures we took in Venice! (http://woodandleather.blogspot.com/) He fits right in with the skateboard.

My family and The Boy were here. We drove to the Mojave desert and Las Vegas. In the desert we all drove dirt bikes. They are loud and powerful and you can drive straight like a crazy person. I always say that if I had 3 wishes I would wish for a special drivers license that would allow me to drive as fast as I wanted anywhere. There it kinda felt like I had one.

The Boy.
Lights in the desert.

I'm on the corner, waiting for a light to come on,
That's when I know that you're alone
It's cold in the desert, water never sees the ground
Special unspoken without sound

You told me you loved me, that I'd never die alone
Hand over your heart, let's go home
Everyone noticed, everyone has seen the signs
I've always been known to cross lines

And I took the birds from the lights of the hotel yard, laid them to the silence of the desert.
With love and luck; Diana and I
Ps. I'have been shooting with vivid color film, next time I 'll post some neutral ones from Las Vegas.


  1. noi flamingot keskellä autiomaata näyttää superhienoilta!!!

  2. The girl still thinks of you tho, and the dogs, and the long happy days in the forest =)sts