Winter weirdland

Helsingissä 17.2.2010

Dear Kirsikka,

Finland (even Helsinki) has become something that most of my friends call "Winter Wonderland". I just think it's weird. Every single day is a super cold day and snow is everywhere. Because of the snow trains basically stopped working. Actually EVERYTHING stopped working for awhile. I've gotten used to it now and have even admitted that it is quite pretty out here and not so dark all the time. Snow is a pretty good light system. My only problem is that I can't wear high heels in that weather. They are deadly.

These were actually taken before Christmas. I quickly need to take some more in Helsinki. Before the snow is history. But I have a feeling that it's going to stick. I can't remember a winter like this. Well not at least if I don't count childhood memories. In those we always had snow.

Time it was and what a time it was it was,
A time of innocence a time of confidences.

Long ago it must be, I have a photograph.
Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you.

Snow is pretty problematic. It makes pictures look the same. So I decided to show you just three. But soon I'll be there taking a lot sunnier pictures with a lot more sand than snow in them.

See you soon! How exciting!

With Love, E.

quote: Simon and Garfunkel, Bookends