She taught me how to really look at things

24.03.2010 Los Angeles
Dear Emmi!

Wow, amazing pictures last time! I enjoy them so much more, knowing I am not there. Honestly: I don't need snow anymore.

When I was young my Grandmother would make an ice rink for me on the frozen ocean. We would light a million candles on edges of the icy skate way, and it felt like a magical night and I will never forget it. She made snow a part of my fondest childhood memories and thats enough.

HOOVER DAM. it's big.

I'll tell you more: In the summer she covered the bottom of a canoe with pillows. I would lie on my back and look at the sky and we would glide into a bed of reeds and all I heard was the ocean and sometimes she would sing.

THE BOY. smiles like one has never been hurt.

She always had strawberries for me and we would eat them on the porch on summer mornings from teacups and I always ate with a golden fork. Sometimes she let me climb on the roof and I felt like she trusted me.

She put me into a wheelbarrow with a down blanket and and pushed me around in the forrest and we looked for flowers and bugs and she always called everything beautiful, like bugs and worms and insects and she taught me how to really look at things.

She bought a microscope and we looked at plants, and spit and dirt and lipstick and cotton and everything we could find. And then she would change the order of every single piece of furniture in the house and she would say that change is good for a person and I believe to this day that she was right.

I wore her silk scarves, lipstick and cocktail jewelry and no clothes and ran around the yard naked and she made me ankle bracelets out of yellow flowers and always warned that the rocks were slippery. She was always worried I would fall over and now she's old and she is always worried she will fall over and I hold her hand when we walk.

We filled small see-through plastic bags with glitter and water and they looked like those glass domes with "snow". She had the glitters in old medicine bottles and there were at least 20 different colors and they were my favorite thing in the world for a very long time.

She tamed a family of swans. They made a nest and brought the whole family over and they were not afraid of her. Every day they came for food and not only that year but they remembered and she waited for them, and they returned every spring for a few years. I really think she loved them and one year when they did not come anymore we knew something had happened.

When my grandfather died she put a single feather that one of the swans had dropped, on the coffin. I cried.

She called me Mii and made me feel like I was more special than anyone in the world and we did things that you read from a Astrid Lindgren books and think no one really does.

She is funny and fierce and beautiful and has stories for days, she has seen the war, rode horses, played the accordion and piano, had a million admirers (I have seen the love letters) and I miss her. We listen to records, smoke cigarettes, read her old journals and every time I have a nap and her smell reminds me of the days by the ocean.

With Love, Kirsikka


  1. I love your Grandma! She sounds wonderful...

  2. Tosi kaunis kirjoitus, ensi kertaa jäi kuvat katsomatta. Ne pitää katsoa nyt uudestaan ihan erikseen.

    Kukaan ei varmasti lue tätä miettimättä omia isovanhempiaan. Toivottavasti joku saa kimmokkeen soittaa mummulleen/papalleen. Isoäiti oli viimeinen elossa oleva isovanhempani ja kuoli viime keväänä -täytyy myöntää, että kun luin tämän töissä, piti mennä naistenhuoneen puolelle kuivaamaan kyyneleet.

  3. Kiitos, ja kyl, toivon myos etta ihmiset musitaisi isovanhempiaan. Tan luettuaan tai muutenkin vaan. Vaikka ne olisi kuollutkin niin pida muakana!

  4. TOSI HYVÄ TEKSTI! niiku tos aikasemmin kirjotettii et jäi kuvat vähemmälle. MUT SIT KATOIN KUVII JA NE ON IHAN TÖRKEEN HYVIN ONNISTUNU!

  5. Nyt kun katson noita kuvia, niin nehän sopii tähän todella hyvin. Tuollainen avara tyhjyys, josta tulee kaihoisuus ja toisaalta taas vanhat autot, joissa on omat viehättävät elämäntarinat ja voi vaan kuvitella, mitä niissäkin on koettu. BRAVO!

  6. I really love the concept of this blog.
    Really cute. :)