When I was young I thought only of getting out

Helsingissä 18.3.2010

Dear Kirsikka,

It's snowing...again. Usually we get some snow in Helsinki in between December and February, you know that. Usually they move about 35 000 loads (that is for the whole winter) of snow away from the city center. Away from cars, away from life. But this year, things have been a little different. They've already moved over 130 000 loads! And that was last week. I'll say it again. IT IS SNOWING.

But wait a minute! If they are moving the snow to one particular place there must be A HUUUGE PILE OF SNOW SOMEWHERE. Oh yes indeed. Massive. And they say that it might not melt until the fall. Ok, now some of your uneducated US friends might say that of course not, you live in the polar zone (just kidding). But no, it usually gets pretty warm up here at least by July (I hope). So, imagine how cool it would be to go sledding in summertime!

The cool thing about snow is that it's super beautiful when it's white. The bad thing is...

...it turns grey.

I've been complaining a lot about the weather in Finland since I got back from LA.

--When I was young I thought only of getting out
I said goodbye to my street, goodbye to my house
Give a man gin, give a man cards, give an inch he takes a yard,
And I rue the day that I stepped off this train.--

Sorry everyone! I'm trying to be more positive from now on. Today I bought the loveliest pair of sandals. Summer, I'm ready when you are! In the mean time...I know, I know. It snows.

With Love, E.

PS. Greetings from Shafik. He got away from this all and is now in Miami. Say hi to him: http://woodandleather.blogspot.com/

quote: Tom Waits/Scarlett Johansson - Fannin street


  1. Ah! A familiar face! A good one this boy, I say!

  2. Kiitti! Aika karseen väristä lunta...

  3. Kivoin kuvasarja sulta mun mielestä. Saatan olla puoluelliinen tietty, kun olen ite päässy mukaan sun kuviin... niin ja osa kuvista vielä otettu mun lempi kaupunginosassa, Lauttasaaressa. Upeit kuvii Emmi!