All that glitters ain't gold...better luck next time!

Helsingissä 23.4.2010 (!!!)

Dear Kirsikka,

WOW. I'm super ashamed right now. What happened to time? It's been ages since I last wrote you! I've been super busy with work, writing day and night and I am so so sorry.

Ok. My photos...not so great this time. I tried 800 film for the first time and this is what I got:

Well actually that blue one is kinda great. I love the color. But still. It is bluuuuurry! Not my best work...

--Bad times are coming and I reap what I don't sow
Well let me tell you something: all that glitters ain't gold
Hey hey
It's been a long old trouble, long old troublesome road
And I'm looking for somebody come and help me carry this load--

These are from a bar called Llamas. I really want to take you there when you come to Helsinki.

They have so much going on there: swings as barstools, altars, skulls, paintings... I think it's great. They even have a hangman's noose but I hope no one will ever use that.

I love this guy. He looks funny. Protecting all the beers.

It has been raining a lot the last few days. I don't like it. I hope I will get some sunny (and better) pictures soon! I hope you've had better luck with yours!

With love and luck, E.

quote: Aloe Blacc - I need a dollar


Diana in the skate park.

Los Angeles 5.04.2010
Dear Emmi,

I loved your DIY splitter idea. I must try that. The first one is my favorite. The one with the wine class.I currently have 3 films waiting to be developed. Diana mini ones, 120mm one and a small pile of instant pictures taken with the instant back extension. I will show you soon.

I took these in Venice beach. A while ago. Time goes so quick. In 4 months I'll be on my way home.

This week I had pass over dinner with a Jewish friend and her family. They speak hebrew and sing and eat foods that symbolize things. Bitter herbs for the bitterness, salt water for the tears. They talk about "their people". It was great. And got me thinking about my people. And traditions.

Obviously the finnish people are my people. We know how it feels to be a small nation in a big world, what it looks like when ordinary people get naked and run around in snow and every easter we celebrate by eating Mämmi, the food that looks like it has already been eaten once.

It really looks like poo.

Fashion people are my people. We believe that you have a better life if you wear impressive clothes, we hope to die and go to Vogue and most of us hate Crocs with a passion.

My girlfriends are my people. I've watched someone try to puke in the middle of the street while holding their hair and laughing with tears in my eyes. The thought of that is so amusing that I'm not going to justify this statement with any more evidence.

Also I feel connected to people who laugh at dead baby jokes. These people are rear but are true gems amongst my people. In a new crowd it is always a good tactic to find like minded people. Or end up creeping everyone out majorly.

I hope you are well and had your share of mämmi during easter.

With love,
Diana and I