All that glitters ain't gold...better luck next time!

Helsingissä 23.4.2010 (!!!)

Dear Kirsikka,

WOW. I'm super ashamed right now. What happened to time? It's been ages since I last wrote you! I've been super busy with work, writing day and night and I am so so sorry.

Ok. My photos...not so great this time. I tried 800 film for the first time and this is what I got:

Well actually that blue one is kinda great. I love the color. But still. It is bluuuuurry! Not my best work...

--Bad times are coming and I reap what I don't sow
Well let me tell you something: all that glitters ain't gold
Hey hey
It's been a long old trouble, long old troublesome road
And I'm looking for somebody come and help me carry this load--

These are from a bar called Llamas. I really want to take you there when you come to Helsinki.

They have so much going on there: swings as barstools, altars, skulls, paintings... I think it's great. They even have a hangman's noose but I hope no one will ever use that.

I love this guy. He looks funny. Protecting all the beers.

It has been raining a lot the last few days. I don't like it. I hope I will get some sunny (and better) pictures soon! I hope you've had better luck with yours!

With love and luck, E.

quote: Aloe Blacc - I need a dollar


  1. I want to drink BUCKETS of tequila here with you !!

  2. They actually have damn good tequila there!