Los Angeles
Dear Em!

I've had these pictures for awhile, but have been too busy. I still am, I need to write a long report- a long academic report with references and 5000 words.
I have no words. Not that many. About anything.

Hence I only have a few words now to share. These are from Venice beach. I heard that the surfers pee into the wet suit. No one is even trying to deny that. Nor are they at all embarrassed. " Yeah I pee on my self, and its nice and warm".

I always ask people I meet for secrets. The best people actually give you one. Once I met a girl and asked for one. Without thinking about it for a second she announced she pees every time she gets into the shower.

There. I wrote 90 words on pee.

I played basket ball when I was younger. I sucked. My whole team sucked.

In fact we were so bad that after games when I would get picked up, I would lie that I didn't remember the score, because I was embarrassed. (I hate loosing) For years my parents thought I was the least competitive person in the world.

Him and Chad own the Linus bike on Abbot Kinney. I was in a car crash and my bike has been my only transportation. I ride along the beach and I have to say it's pretty amazing. The ocean is.. the best. Out of A LOT of stuff.

You know how people have those swimming mattress things.
My dream is one day to get a bouncy castle and take it to the ocean. Ah.

With Lots of love, and 2000 words left (perhaps as a professional writer you could help me out..)


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