Summertime and the living is...

Helsingissä 19.5.2010

Dear Kirsikka,

Summer has arrived and I am sooooo excited! I've just been biking around the city and you know how great Helsinki is when it's hot. It is amazing!

So of course I had to take Diana along the ride. It had been awhile since the weather was so crappy just weeks before (it was actually snowing again can you believe it..).
Because I was so lazy before you now get a lot of pictures! And they are black and white for a change.

Anne is having lunch at Esplanadi Park. Who wants to eat inside if the sun is shining?

And you can have a beer. (This is actually an afterwork beer but who cares. It was still sunny.)

I have no idea what this is. But the bit that you can see is amazing. I love the cloudy sky.

The girl on the left is Minni Havas. She is an excellent illustrator and a good friend of Anne's.

She is super beautiful I think! And she has an impeccable taste of style. You would love her clothes.

The photo above is taken with the real Diana Splitzer. Quarter frames!

Look at the dogs! This lady had three of them. One is resting in the shadow.

Koffari. After Hietsu fleamarket. The best of the best.

This is Riikka. I used to work with her, now I work for her :) She's a great boss.

I love this one. Anne looks so summery and cute. Los Angeles must be hot. Are you super tanned? I would love to be, haha. Now I'm off again. Have to go outside. I miss you lots and can't wait for you to come to Finland.

With Love, E.


  1. Ihanasti välittyy kesä, vaikka kuvat onkin mustavalkoisia! :)

  2. Splitzer kuvaa oli kiva tutkii, kun sen vaan klikkaili ihan isoksi.
    Kivoi kuvii taas :D