Love, love, LOVE

Helsingissä 24. kesäkuuta 2010

Dear Kirsikka,

--It's easy to say I love you New York. It's not as easy to say I love you Mr. Big.--

Carrie got that right. I think it is still easier to tell someone you love them in english. Minä rakastan sinua. It's just purely rough.

Falling in love is easy. But staying in love? It is a lot harder.

I tend to fall in love with almost anything. You and I both my love. Shoes, food, songs, new hobby... But how easy is to toss away the shirt you used to love: super.

Friends. It's not easy to find people who you love. The ones that make you feel super special. I'm glad to hear you have found them there and sad to hear that you feel like a chunk of your heart is breaking when you need to leave them. Good thing about the friends you love is that you feel exactly the same way about them anywhere in the world and after years of not seeing each other.

Last Friday I used a tray as a drum at my friends party while she was singing. We stole that tray one time from a karaoke bar. It says "Ota poika kyytiin." Hilarious. Good things are happening to her at this very moment and I'm happy for her. My other friend from the same group is getting married, one is having her second child and one has fallen in love.

One of them cried watching Sex and the city 2's karaoke scene. And I totally get her. It reminded me of our group (and I don't care if it's the most embarrassing thing to admit). Silly little group of girls having so much fun together. I want them to know how much they mean to me but I never remember to tell them. It's not so easy to say 'I love you friend'.

There are so many people I love and I hope you all know it. If I would make a list of them right here, right now it would be like an Oscar speech where they need to start the music to get them to shut up. So I'll make it simple. If you're reading this:

I love you.

You too.

With love, E.

Ps. These photos were taken at Helsinki 10 where they held a LOVE pre-party. I love the soft, poetic feel. How about you?


The only thing I ask of you is to promise not to stop when I say 'when'.

June 21st 2010 Los Angeles

Dear Emmi,

Im two months from coming home. I looked at the split images you posted and loved them. Sometimes I feel like my life has been divided into little corners like that.

A piece of London; Everyone smokes. They roll their own cigarettes. The toilet in the bar doesn't have a rim on it so the beer loving crowds can't sniff cocaine from it. The park. The cheap wine. Art and culture will consume you. We all came there and knew no one.

A piece of Helsinki; I was born. I grew up. I lost teeth. The sun is either always up or always down. It's not ok to cry. My family is there. When I go home I sit on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night, with a dog that found a new home and we eat sandwiches together.

I love coming back but I know I will never stay.
I used to never want to buy furniture. Nothing to slow down the leaving. My desk is made of shoe boxes. Shoes could never slow you down.
(Ok except that one time in London when I was on my way to Spitalfields, it was raining and I was wearing a pair of pony skin Louboutins that have leather soles and a pencil skirt. Slippery I tell you. )
Its strange how much happens when you are busy minding your own business and the world whoops around the sun. I counted days for awhile to make it go slower but now it just seems like an unnecessary countdown to leaving a bunch of people you like so much you want them at your wedding.

So the Piece of LA? I feel like I am still too close to see the big picture here, but It's definitely made out of faces of friends I hope I never loose. I have decided that my next project is to photograph them.

I will show you the faces of the people who took me in and made this year feel like home.

A few things I know for sure: I love Venice, nothing beats the weather here and in 60 days I will have a new split piece in my memories and one huge chunk braking from my heart.

With love, as always: Diana and I.