Dear Emmi,

Wow. So sitting in the double decker bus number 55 I red your last letter. Clearly cried. Thank you very much. Next time a warning, please:)

But yes indeed, I miss the morning walks! I will take you to Victoria Park when you come, we will get lattes from across the park (capuccino for me), walk along the canals and watch the people living in the boats. Some people fish. You will like it.

This night I went to a bike ride. The sky was breath-taking as the sun set. When something is so pretty it sometimes chokes me a little. It's hard to think theres no God when you see a sky like that.
This is my favorite light. The really yellow one. When sun is just about to start setting. I sent a picture like this one to a friend. In the photo the sun is touching a bare wall and its really beautiful.
She said it's God giving me a kiss.

Tuesday I was on the train on my way to North Hampton. We talked about whats happening with the church in Finland at the moment. 18 000 people left the church within a few days, for something that a politician said. A person said. God must have not said much to these people ever. A quiet one maybe?

Next to me was sitting a musician. He said his friend worked at war zones. Helping people. She says there is no loving God.

"If there was, He would never let those children blow up to little pieces like that. She's seen them. Little pieces. "

And here we are! Shots. Drinkable ones, not the gun related ones. Obviously.

Little pieces of children.

Seems like a distant thought here. But all this talk about God.. and loving God. Makes me wish there was a loving man. Not like a guy, I mean like a human. As a kind. We are not sure if God is allowing them kids to blow up.

But we do know a man is doing it.

"How great the works of man and the things he makes
How great – then how great the Creator?
Though he strives to reach the heavens
He can barely survive
The wars of the world he lives in."
- Cat Stevens

I'll say it again.

We are Gods hands.

With love, Kirsikka

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