In n' Out.

London 07.10.2010
Dear Emmi,

As you know I had a wonderful visit to Helsinki and about 2 weeks ago
I packed up again and had my last night with your self and few others.
Telling secrets,lighting cigarettes with your oven
and smoking from your kitchen window.

It was really great to be back.
Leaving LA felt really hard and I know I left a corner of my heart there.

But being back reminded me I had also left one with you all.

These pictures were taken from a club I visited with our common friend Bella.

These two ladies were a part of a burlesque show that we never saw due to showing up too late.
What show seriously starts at nine??

However, the young bloods put up a show of their own.

The dancing queens.
Someone vomited violently on the bathroom floor.
Of course.

One of the girls said: "are you a student?"
"yes, but perhaps not a student like you", I said.
"oh, yeah don't worry, not everyone started this year, some of these people are really old. like born in 1986 old", she said.

Vodka battery I believe. Such a mistake to mix vodka with that rubbish. I think.

Ja diskoboltsi.
(Sekoboltsi on mun ehk lempi Suomen kielen sana.
Ajattelin nyt lisätä sen tähän kert kukaan ei oo estämässä)
We signed and thanked. And left.

And I thought of the time I did what those kids did
and one time me and a friend both puked in the bathroom, (vodka battery perhaps)
( not on the floor tho )
laughed like it was the funnies thing ever happened to us
and ran back to the bar.

Honestly I still think it was pretty funny.

With Love, Kirsikka

Ps. I can't wait for you to come for a visit! 4 weeks!
And it will be my birthday. I'm ridiculously excited.
Counting days.
And I swear the time has stopped.

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  1. i'm kinda chat cheating right now, so don't tell anyone, shhhh.

    haha, i love these pics! they keep me up to date on your whereabouts and shenanigans!