You made it - 24th!

Tuuloksessa 24.12.2010

Dear Kirsikka,

First of all: congrats on waiting till the 24th! I got you a homemade christmas calendar for your birthday and I know how much you hate waiting so I'm really proud of you if you lasted this long. (I wonder if you opened the last envelope a few weeks ago and came here wondering what the last surprise will be. So here it comes.)

But my 24th surprise didn't go exactly as I planned. I was supposed to make London out of ginger bread and take pictures of it. First I thought I'd make the Reynolds house, Gallery Cafe, The Approach Tavern and Victoria Park. Then I narrowed it down to Victoria Park with the Pavilion Cafe.

I started my project very confident of my success. One of my friends told me it sounded a bit ambitious and I said to her: "Well, my dear friend, ambitious is my middle name."

Jeeze Louise that sounds cocky right about now. The thing is I started baking the ginger bread houses and all of them went to the garbage! It was so hard you can't imagine! (I've made a Muumitalo before so I really do blame the batter...)

So I had to come up with a plan B. I remembered I still had a roll of film in my Diana from the amusement park Linnanmäki. We went there together before you left for London. And I was really excited to get those photos developed and be a part of your birthday/xmas present.

But yesterday when I got the film...it was something totally different!

Vapa Media's opening party! FROM SEPTEMBER! I'm so ashamed that this was the last time I shot with the Diana. I really need to start taking more pics again.

I do like these although there is nothing too special about them.

But I like the fact that it's a bit hard to tell what it is in the pictures.

I remember it was raining cats and dogs when we left for a bar next door.

--Well I have been quietly standing in the shade
All of my days
Watch the sky breaking on the promise that we made
All of this rain
And I've been trying to find
What's been in my mind
As the days keep turning into night--

And just hours before, there I was, in the sunshine.

Now it's -30°C and lots of snow. I really need to photograph it to you. I hope you weren't too disappointed with the last surprise of your calendar. Maybe next year we can make a ginger bread London together!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

I miss you.

With Love, E

quote: Alexi Murdoch - All My Days

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