amusement park

09.02.2011 London
Dear Emmi,

Wasn't so long ago since I saw you, but this roll of film has been lying around for awhile. It's from when you and I went to Linnanmäki last summer!

Good times. I used to love all the rides and literally had no fear at all. I used to go to everything and scream of happiness and excitement the entire ride. Now I go because I don't wanna admit to anyone I'm a massive wimp. In fact I think of dying the entire time now and scream because it's my natural reaction to terror.

I'll write it here but if anyone ever confronts me about this I'll say it was for humor purposes only.

I am not scared. You're scared.


I once had a dream that I puked on that ride called the "Viking". The one that's like a big Viking boat and swings super high from side to side. It was really gross as my vomit kinda slid from side to side for what seemed like forever. Embarrassing. I had this dream when I was like 9 and I still remembered it, thats how humiliating it was.

I love curly fries. And hate cotton candy. Cotton candy is the worst food ever invented.

Ok maybe that's not entirely true as I just heard of a cook book called "Natural Harvest- A collection of semen Based Recipes". In the introduction it says: " Like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants. Despite all of these positive qualities, semen remains neglected as a food."

I wonder why.

I feel like I might have ruined this letter now and it's almost impossible to talk about anything else, unless it's something even worse than semen cooking, without sounding like somewhat insincere.

Look at this picture! So pretty!

Ok clearly not working I know we are both still on that book. I cant really think of anything grosser to say now and I already told you a gross dream too, so good job. Sometimes it's good to think about these things tho so you'll appreciate the times you are NOT thinking of them more? Yes? No?

Ok I tried.

I was once on this ride, the old wooden roller coaster with one of my best friends, Niina, and the bar that holds you down opened. It was pretty intense and we told the people there and all they said was "yeah that sometimes happens". I'm pretty bitter over that.

Niina loves everything pink and also happens to love cotton candy. Not many people I know do.

I realize this might sound like I'm implying something but I'm really not, I swear, other than that ALL MY THOUGHTS LEAD TO THIS COOK BOOK.

Umm Teddy Bear. Did you know that Courtney Love carries Kurt Cobain's ashes around inside a teddy bear.

With Love and my sincere apologies;
Diana and I

Ps. I just remembered my mom and aunt sometimes read this blog.