Helsingissä 6. maaliskuuta 2011

Dear Kirsikka,

Sorry for the silence. Your last letter truly threw me off guard for a while. And I didn’t really have anything to say back to you…until last Friday.

Because on Friday I saw The National.

Oh how was it? AMAZING. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. All the songs, all the lyrics, all the melodies, they represent all these different things to me such as freedom, friendship, falling in love on a certain sofa… All these feelings came back to me and I loved it. (Btw if we had writer names mine would be Ms. Touchy-Feely according to my last letters.) It also made me wanna write to you and show you what I’ve got: new pictures from a first wedding that I’ve attended with Diana.

And the wedding was lovely. There was no cake, no wedding dress (until later in the evening when the bride got one as a present. Good vintage find I have to say!) but tons of laughter and love, best wedding speech ever, great drinks and company. And best of all: the fun lasted through the whole weekend!

Though it wasn’t a typical wedding it was one of the very best I’ve ever been invited to. And these photos are my best work in a while I think.

--You know I dreamed about you

For twentynine years before I saw you

You know I dreamed about you--

It was freezing that day. But the sky was so blue. Beautiful.

With Love, Emmi

PS. I have a story to match your last letter. But I didn’t find the topic to be appropriate with the strory of love and weddings. That’s just me. Till the next time! xoxo

quote: Slow Show – The National

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