Gay Pride

20. 03.2011

Dear Emmi,

I had a CD of actual Diana pictures but I can't find it anywhere now. You've seen my room so I know it comes as no surprise to you one might loose something in here.. krhm.

So instead I have these. Diana Mini and I were in Los Angeles and it was the Gay Pride Parade.

Seeing these people parading their rights and sexuality next to these groups of people protesting against it, was a rather puzzling experience.
It makes me both amused and frustrated.

Just to start this off right I want to make very clear that I believe everyone should have the right to love and express their love to whoever they have these feelings for. Sexuality is a big part of ones personality and frankly I think there's hardly anyone who's sexual life, if it was openly broadcasted wouldn't either surprise or horrify people close to them.

The fact that we live in a society where it is more acceptable to learn how to shoot people (as literally every single male in Finland HAS to serve time in the military) than to love them and sleep with them (which admittedly is bound to be much more fun and less harmful when done right) saddens me.

It dawned to me the other day what a big deal it is to some people to talk openly about these things when a friend of mine was telling me how he "came out" for he's parents.
At first all I said was " Good job! What do you want for lunch?". I was failing to see the importance of this as I have personally always been privileged enough to enjoy endless amounts of love and support from my own parents and believe they could not care less who I was sleeping with as long as they had a good hand shake and table manners.

Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky as I am.

I won't go on endlessly about this as I probably won't say anything that someone hasn't already said on this matter. Just that I wish people would get over them selves. I don't honestly see the appeal in peeing on anyone but you don't see me protesting against it on the streets of London. Neither do I agree with people marrying the kids they once adopted but you don't see me carrying signs with "GOD HATES WOODY ALLEN" written on them. Stop hiding behind the words that you put into Gods mouth, people. It's beyond gay. (Hah, THATS RIGHT: GAY. )

If these folks dedicating their lives to spreading hatred and lame values would just wake up and direct all this enthusiasm they have towards something productive like coming up with a cure to cancer (seriously by now with all this effort, they would have come up with a solution by now) or ways to help out the homeless, taking care of the unprivileged kids (there's probably just as many of them as any homosexuals in any of the towns these angry enthusiastic people live in) or just hanging out with lonely old people who really need someone to talk to and buy them some groceries. I am really close to my grandmother and swear chatting with her will win protesting against some dude shagging another dude, any day.

So anyway. The world has gone bonkers. I once read that the Danish are the happiest people in the world and also have the most sex. So just make love not war and chill the fuck out yo.

Lots of love,
Diana Mini and I

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  1. Those are pretty spectacular. I love the god loves everyone even bigots sign, such a great image!