What's huge and hot?

Helsingissä 20. huhtikuuta 2011

Dear Kirsikka,

So a lot has happened since I last wrote you. I went to Thailand and soon you can see the views on my pictures. First a few words about politics. A lot of my friends are really shocked that True Finns (Perussuomalaiset) took nearly a fifth of votes in Finland's general election. As you know the anti-immigration True Finns won 39 seats in the 200-member parliament. Because of that most of my friends are at least joking about moving out of Finland. But I can think of another good reason (not that I wasn't shocked of the elections as well). The lack of sunshine!

The sun is the star at the center of our solar system. It has a diameter of about 1,392,000 km. That's about 109 times that of Earth. Its mass (about 2×1030kilograms = 330,000 times that of Earth) accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System. The Sun is currently traveling through the Local Interstellar Cloud in the Local Bubble zone, within the inner rim of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Of the 50 nearest stellar systems within 17 light-years from Earth (the closest being a red dwarf named Proxima Centauri at approximately 4.2 light years away), the Sun ranks 4th in mass.

Ok, I'll confess, I'm not that smart. I just wanted to say bubble zone. It's really liberating that I can use Wikipedia once in my life as a source of my writing (and copy + paste). As a journalist that's usually not an option. But in letters: hell yes!

Back to the point. 

I tried to google how many sunny days does Finland have. Best result: "Answers.com - How many sunny days does Alaska have a year?"

My point exactly. I have a feeling they don't even have an average because the weather is so unpredictable out here.

So after this long introduction we are finally going to see the photos from Thailand! 

When we got there it was still raining a bit. A day earlier it had been pouring and the hotel areas had flooded. The Finns got seriously angry. It was still really warm, it was better that the average day in Finland in June. We went to have amazing massages that cost 5 euros each and enjoyed the warmth on our balcony while reading books. But not far from us was a village of 100 people that had fallen into a river because of the flooding. The whole village! In a week they still hadn't found everyone. I can still hear the Finnish woman nagging about them not getting the five star hotel room they wanted. The hotel was open, just the finest cottages were temporarily out of use. I know, it's shitty but what you gonna do. 

--And I fall on my knees
Tell me how's the way to go
Tell me how's the way to be
To evoke some empathy--

Have you ever met a grumpy old man in Thailand? Seriously, I haven't. But I saw an old man playing golf on the beach. He dug a hole in the sand and put a bucket there. Do you know a smarter way to make a hole for putting? I don't. Then he had a match with a tourist and laughed hard when the tourist won. In Finland I see angry people every day. Just yesterday I was cycling home  and seriously I was on my way to the bike lane and had to stay on the sidewalk for about 7 meters and this lady started yelling at me furiously. She was the only one there. It was early. Did I really make her day worse?

Do you know the feeling when you are happy and a bit sleepy from being in the sun all day. I love that feeling. Who could be grumpy after that! I want sunshine, I need sunshine!

I think things are pretty good in Finland. I don't believe complaining gets you anywhere (unless you're really good at it). So I'm not going to go on and on about how cold and grey and ugly Finland is. I'm just gonna call on all the gods of the sun. Please shed some light on Finland! The weather has been so beautiful but today it's not. Why? Did we do something?

I'm begging, Sun, come back home.

With Love, Emmi

quote: Everywhere I go - Lissie


  1. Moikka!

    Sain just Diana F+:n lahjaks enkä oikee osaa käyttää tai sit vaa osaa lukee manuaalii, mut halusin vaa kysyy sulta et miten nois multiple exposure kuvissa saa niin et yks esim. eka kuva on tarkempi ku toka kuva? Toivottavasti ymmärrät mitä tarkotan. Esimerkkinä otin sun kuvista tän: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-B_uk8ZFJ8o8/TXP6XT-E81I/AAAAAAAABGQ/Cvgl6NE47fo/s1600/tuulijatommi_piippu.jpg

    Kiitos mahdollisesta vastauksesta!


  2. Moikka Daniel!

    Anteeksi, etten ole huomannut kysymystäsi aiemmin!

    Olisipa minulla sinulle tarkka vastaus, vaan ei ole. Usein tuplavalotukset ovat aika sattumankauppaa. Kävin kuitenkin läpi omia kuviani ja huomasin, että ensimmäisenä otettu on yleensä ns. vahvempi ja piirtyy tarkemmin. Toka valotus on hieman sumeampi.

    Kannattaa myös olla tarkka valon kanssa. Jos on hirmu kirkasta, niin tuplavalotus menee helposti yli. Sommittelu voi olla myös paikallaan. Taivaalle on helppo asettaa toisen kuvan tärkein kohde kuten näissä:



    Usein Dianalla kuvaaminen vaatii alkuun kärsivällisyyttä. Minä ainakin kuvasin aika monta mustaa ruutua ensin.

    Tsemppiä ja kysele apua taas, jos tarvitset!


  3. PS. Joskus taivaalle sattuu pilviä juuri väärään paikkaan ja ne peittävätkin kuvattavan toisessa valotuksessa. Se suututtaa. :)