Layers of life

Helsingissä 15. kesäkuuta 2011

Dear Kirsikka,

So, things don't always go as we plan. But it doesn't have to mean things go badly. There are just times when the universe has something else planned for us.

This spring has been all about finding myself. I've seen an intuitive counsellor (yes, sounds a bit looney I know), talked about love, cried and shared secrets with people I hardly know, sung bhajans with people that make my energy flow and made bunch of new friends. I've also lost some people. That's life I guess.

I find these pictures to be very beautiful yet sad in a way. Maybe that's because they were taken on the verge of my new life. Somehow they represent my past. Past that I loved but had to let go of to make room for some changes in me.

I've become more courageous in a way. More whole. And it's all because I let go of the past.

--Lock us up safe
And hide the key
But the night tears us loose
And in the half light
We're free

Strange how the half light
Can make a place new
You can't recognize me
And I can't recognize you--

These days I hardly photograph anything with just one frame on it. I love the double and triple exposures. They are like life itself you know, just layers on top of each other. These photos were taken at Makia's party. That day had a few layers of it's own. That moment was the moment that my life as I knew it started to fall apart. But I want everyone that feel like they belong in my past to know that I want them to be in my future as well. Every single one of them. I believe the future is reorganized in a much better way. Way that we all can be happier - together.

There's something about these letters. Writing them always makes me emotional. It's kind of like keeping a journal of my thoughts, worries, growth. They keep me going.

That's why I have sent you another letter as well. It's hidden in LOVE. The letter is all about living in "the now". I hope you find it, read it and think it's useful.

Kirsikka, I want you to know that you are so important to me. Thank you for being my friend. Because we once let go of our past, we are now much stronger together. I'm so happy about that.

I can't wait for our new adventures such as our second photo exhibition in London. We are going to do that, right?!

I'm sure your future is going to be superb as well. Wait for a sign, will you.

With Love and Luck,


quote: Half Light I - Arcade Fire

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