The Now part 2.

07.06.2011 East London

Dear Emmi,

I got your last letter that is not posted here unfortunately. One of the nicest ones you have written, about the appreciation of the moment, "the now".

Did you ever see the film "Lucky number Slevin"? Josh Hartnett plays the main character, who basically is getting screwed over from all directions but still remains disturbingly calm about the entire situation. Then when confronted about he's rather unusual approach on the situation he claims to have a condition called Ataraxia. He means he is incapable of being worried.

Such condition does not actually exist. *

However it is an actual term. The word originates from Greek and was used by the Greek philosophers Pyrrho and Epicurus to describe a lucid state characterised by complete freedom of worry or any other preoccupation.

Im not going to go all deep and meaningful on you here ( you are so much better at that anyway my little Love Ambassador) but life really is happening right now, not in a little bit. As you said.
Being present in a moment is just a better idea than being preoccupied with stress and displaying a high level of worry or unhappiness or uncertainty about the future past or whatever.

I should know. Looking for a job after graduation can be a teensy bit unsettling.

Also let's face it. Being present and care free is so much more attractive. Someone who can really listen and be in the moment is so much more charming than someone who can not. And essentially happier and wiser too.

there are a lot of people who are rather dull in their distracted presence. They do not really hear or see much and seem to be incapable of discovering much anything.

And c'mon. Just Look at ol' Josh in Lucky number Slevin. People dying left and right, he's getting beaten up, everyone is trying to kill him.

Josh don't give a fuck. He has ataraxia.

It's pretty hot.

Not that I really need to be telling you this. You have a wonderful presence and remarkable ability to listen and care for the people around you. You possess naturally the top qualities that make you a an amazing friend. Just so you know.

Our blog is turning two years soon and I think we should have another exhibition. This time in London. Think about it!

Love; Kirsikka

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