Yo Shorty, it's your birthday!


Dear Emmi,

This is gonna be a little cheesy, coz that's how we roll. You and I. So I better write it in English we all know how intense Finnish sounds if you tell people you love them.

I do tho. Love you.

I wish I could be there to drink and celebrate (start with champagne,a and by 12 we'll be slamming the shots) with you, I even looked at flights from tomorrow to Monday, but it's a litte on the expensive side.

This post will have no Diana pictures, and I know technically it is not my turn to post, but for me this blog has been a celebration of our friendship in a way and I wanted to write a letter, instead of texting or e-mailing.

I wish you the best birthday in the world! You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and one of my best friends. Here's some of my favourite stuff you and I have done:

- When you came to Los Angeles and we organised a fake surprise party to Anne and you drank champagne from a carrot bowl

-When you made me a christmas calendar for my birthday and stole tea from my house to put in some of the pockets because you ran out of gifts

- When in high school you came to school and gave me an orange and a card when it was the flue season and it said that I need to have c-vitamins because I do so much sports and you don't want me to get sick

- When we sang the Finnish national anthem, standing up, with the biggest mothafucking pints in our hands in a bar in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles when Finland did good in ice hockey

- When I cried in fron of Cafe Red last summer over boy trouble and you hugged me, and said that you'd help me carry things if they were too heavy.

- All the times we go shopping and spend all our money and somehow justify it. And you always feel bad afterwards and I'm in complete denial.

- That summer when we used to go for walks every morning and drink coffee by the bay

- When we were in London and tried to sneak into a strip club in our pyjamas in the middle of the night, with jam jars in our hands, attempting to get more alcohol.

- When you sent me a book of our photos from this book to L.A. I think this might be my favourite memory! It was a complete surprise and for no particular reason at all, and so so so touching that I had to hide behind my computer so my boss wouldn't see that I was kind of crying a little.

I have to stop now, because I miss you so much it's starting to really bum me out you live so far. You have such a beautiful spirit and really are the best friend one could ask for.

Together we come up with the best ideas, the way you care for people around you is really inspirational and FUN. I've always been the one who arranges surprise parties and things to do, and you do it just as much as I do, and I really love it!

You are my little partner in crime.

...and if it came down to it, I'd cook special black eyed peas with you and set up a road side stand;)

Happy birthday. I miss you.

With Love, Kisu.

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