We are in trouble.

28.11.2011 Helsinki

Dear Em,

So BAM. I moved. I don't know if we could possibly try to blame the undeniably sad state of our blog to the fact that we now live in the same city now and writing letters just do not seem as essential anymore.

We literally talk to each other through out the entire day on Whatsapp, then a phone call after work and perhaps a few lines on Facebook, and another call either before we go to bed or right as we get up in the morning. And I am not joking at all.

Furthermore, this is not the only reason we are in trouble my friend.
Not only are the phones taking over our conversation, they are also taking over our pictures. Have a look at Instagram and I will not have to explain my self. EVERYONE with an Iphone can take a picture that pretty much looks exactly like the pictures we have been taking for the past few years.

And they can do it for free.

(seriously this floating head is fucking amazing hahahahaha. CANT DO THAT IN INSTAGRAM- CAN YOU NOW!)

On top of that "they" are totally "us". You and I are shooting away with our phones and posting pictures of everything on our little Instagran accounts. (Traitors?)'

We need to figure this out! Taking an actual picture requires a little bit of patience, skill, money and passion. And the ACT of actually doing it. (it's like that whole argument with modern art, when people see a seemingly juvenile piece and declare " I could do that" as if that was the meter of whether art is good or bad. "Yeah, but you didn't, buddy" )

So I am challenging you to write back to me within one week. With pictures. That were taken by a plastic box with no help from Apple. And then I will do the same.

And to our readers!
(I know for a fact that some people actually do read this blog) Emmi and I have decided to give you a Christmas present! We will make a calendar for next year. And we will give it to you for free. You will soon be able to download it from here and print it out at home. Give it to someone as a gift, keep it your self- either way we would like to give this to you and remind you that doing something, is not the same as having an idea and planning on one day doing something.
The calendar will be awesome. Just so you know. And then we will have an exhibition, of the posters in it. And sell tons of pieces LIKE LAST TIME, and one day we will hand out money to you guys just because we are cool and rich that way and it'll be super.
So keep reading. And comment on everything, we like it.

Much much love,

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