Welcome to the Jungle.

08.12.2011 Helsinki

Dear Emmi,

Umm, so challenge not accepted then I see. I'll just double post.

Jungle pictures. I think from Los Angeles. I was talking to our friend Petra and she said I should write about George of the Jungle. She works at a Film town, which is probably the reason she would even remember the film.

So shorty in case you have not seen it, it's Brendan Fraser playing "Tarzan". But like a superbly dumb Tarzan that keeps smashing into trees every time he tries to do that trick with swinging from tree to tree. His best friend is a big really smart gorilla that talks with a British accent. Most smart people talk with a British accent in American films. (So many things I want to say here)

First time I ever saw it we played a drinking game where you took a shot every time he screws up, falls over or smashes into something. It's fatal and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Second time I ever saw it I was in Megeve skiing. We stayed at a friends chalet and watched it one day when it was snowing too much to go out.

I believe everyone around me was passed out after smoking a spliff.

When I was a kid, my dad used to try to make me read the old Tarzan books. He even read some out loud for me. Which is a nice memory, however I was not terribly into them. A lot of killing and fighting and spears and stuff. Very little of magic and cute animal friends with singing abilities.

I was a Disney girl. So until Disney made a film about Tarzan I wanted very little to do with the dude.

Brendan is kind of hot in the film by the way. He's not any more. At all. All though he has continued on making some real quality films. Like The Mummy and all of its sequels.

With Love,

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