22.02.2012 Helsinki
Dear Emmi,

Haha, thanks for getting back to us! Time does fly, I will give you that. I was in Riga some time before Christmas and had my newest camera with me, the Lubitel. It's an amateur camera, a replica of on old Russian model.

It's a lot slower than Diana, meaning it takes a little longer to set it up for each picture and it's a little more accurate. I think I can shoot portraits of people with it, that have never worked so well with Diana. Diana sort of paints a picture, Lubitel is a lot more precise. Also I need to practise a lot with it, for example the double exposures are a lot harder, as you can see the second image is super faded on these ones. 

Riga is very beautiful. The Art Nouveau buildings are breath taking next to the rustic houses that look like no one could possibly live in them because they are just falling apart from every corner. But it's a very romantic decay, sort of regal almost. And surprisingly I actually think people are living in the houses that look empty as many of them have lights on at night and curtains. I really wish I could have gone in to one of them:)

The eastern block, Soviet Union and Russian culture is super fascinating to me and the aesthetics  of Riga have all the elements of that sort of little bit scary, regal,rich, rural and raw. It's really different to anything else and even though all the people we met were perfectly friendly, there is a sense of being permanently outsider to it all as well. Maybe it's only an illusion as there really aren't that many "popular"films, magazines or music from around there and it makes is a little stranger? Or something. And the whole Soviet era is so ridiculous and mysterious in a way. 

Cyrillic letters are by far the most amazing alphabet there is to me, and maybe the fact that I can't understand the writing at all also makes the culture feel more distant.

 I mean I can't read Chinese or Japanese or Hindi alphabet either but Cyrillics are RIGHT THERE. If I had to, I could walk to Moscow. (whatever, I totally could if I really had to) 
So perhaps that's why it feels even stranger. You've been to Riga. Do you know what I mean?  

Anyway. It was really lovely and we found some really beautiful places and buildings and found humour in a lot of things we saw. I'd recommend a weekend there to anyone! 

 I took a million pictures with Lubitel on my trip to Thailand, which I hope to post soon! 



The Sweetest Two Months

Helsingissä 8. helmikuuta 2012

Dear Kirsikka,

-- Now my life is sweet like cinnamon
Like a fucking dream I'm living in--

Yes. I've been on a mental honeymoon for exactly two months today. And I wouldn't change a day. Being in love is fantastic. Fortunately you too know everything about it.

But I'm sorry if I have abandoned this blog. I'll make it up to you I promise.

These photos are from last summer. I now have three different versions of this place. I'm not sure what it's called. Gas bell? Gasometer? Kaasukello? Funny how life changes although the venue stays the same.
Next time I'll finally show you the birthday pics. I have a dreamy feeling today and there is nothing dreamy about those pictures.
I loved, loved, loved your last photos! I want to shoot some black and whites soon.
You are in the heat now. Send some photos if you can. Can't wait to hear how it's going!
Lots of love,
quote: Lana Del Rey - Radio


Hogs, horses and valium.

19.01.2012 Helsinki

Dear Emmi,

I love film too! When I got mine developed this time they had ruined it. Naturally I went over and expressed my unhappiness and received a free film and development for it, but now I kind of like how it looks. 

My film was almost as old as yours. From this summer at our summer house in Saarenmaa. I love it there so much. Horses, the sea, wild swans, bicycles, old women selling wool socks they have knitted and honey from their back yards. 

Everything there is really minimal in a way, but super beautiful. I wish I could just stay there, ride horses, paint, photograph, maybe fish and stalk wild hogs. 
They hunt them over there, but there is no way I could ever shoot one. Unless it ran very quickly towards me, I had a loaded gun and would somehow manage to aim at it. They are huge and kind of terrifying.

This is it! Till next time. 
 I know you are on a mental honeymoon and newly in love, so I will not pester you too much. The girl-rule says one is allowed to abandon all friendships for exactly 3 months to hang out with a cute boy if massively in love. After 3 months they must return and start keeping in contact, getting OUT of the bedroom on Saturdays as well as start keeping up with photography duties again. 
I have personally never taken such vacation, I have been saving my time for when I finally get to start living my dream life as a 30-year old retired horserider-painter-motorcyclist-photographer.

That or a valium-wife in which case you must remind me when my 3 months is up as a person can loose the track of time in the ever so fuzzy valium haze. 

With Love,

I have a roll of film I shot in Riga with Lubitel, the replica of an old Russian camera, that I will show you next time. 


Why I love film

Helsingissä 14. tammikuuta 2012

Dear Kirsikka,

I'm so sorry. Before I knew it, time just went by and went by and went by. And suddenly it was year 2012. I had two rolls of film stuck in my desk drawer and no time to develop them. (Fotoyks could you please have a bit more flexible opening hours?)

But because of my busy life I now remember how beautiful the idea of film is. When I took the films to the store I had no clue what photos would be in them. Something from last fall maybe? Summer? Spring?

And there were you. In London last August. The other roll is from my birthday but I'll save the photos for later.

 Digital cameras would never give us a surprise like that or as fast trip down the memory lane as film does. Looking at the pictures I remembered why I bought the flights to London in a heartbeat. I had 24 hours to get to the airport. I remembered why we had that first beer at your place and the second (and the third and the...well you get the point) at The Dolphin.

I also remembered the breakfast at Gallery Cafe, the dog by Pavilion Cafe, the guy who spilled all his coffee, the hungry ducks, movie moments, big plans about going to see these cliffs and the fortune cookie text "Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known." At the time it seemed impossible. BOY WAS I WRONG.

This is why I love film. And why I'm a bit angry at myself for forgetting it.

We need a new idea for the blog. I forget to take pictures to show you my life because you're a much bigger part of it now. You live here and it changed things.

Maybe we need photo challenges or something.

Until that:

With love as always
Em xx

PS. Can't help myself...need to say that...I'M IN LOVE YEY! Haha.




This Blogger has mysteriously disappeared and abandoned this blog. 



WITH LOVE, Kisu & Dianax2

(To anyone who is panicking right now, she's alive and quite well, I have actually talked to her today. This blog has not however and I know for a fact she has more than one roll of film to develop)